about me


Life is a wonderful journey and I have been
blessed with meeting some amazing people
who have led me to life changing experiences.

From a young age I was aware of my
special connection with the spiritual world
and the beautiful gifts that have been given to me.

Barbara Simpson


In my journey through life so far I have come to realise that life is a work in progress moving to new ideas, experiences and “Aha!” moments.

As a child growing up in suburban Adelaide I often felt that I was different to others and experienced things that were fascinating, intruiging and alsothings that were destructive and traumatising.  The foundation that my life was built on I associate to a leaky bucket, drips of good and bad and lots of holes to keep patching up.  Going into adulthood I had a sick and unhealthy body which I believe developed from the traumas I experienced as a child and teenager and the stress this caused. 

In my early 20s a Doctor said to me “if you don’t change something in your life you are not going to be here for very long”.  This shocked me but also had me thinking “do I actually want to be here?”  and “what is my purpose here?”, an Aha! moment.

This began me on a journey of self discovery and personal growth to overcome the emotional, physical and spiritual  issues  of the past.  To move to a life without the “baggage” and be free to choose what I wanted in my life and not let someone else choose for me.  Also to begin feeling what real happiness is.

Through this self discovery process I finally found love in my heart, peace and calmness in my soul, courage and wisdom to grow, happiness and joy to be alive of which I had never experienced before.  Once you feel this way you dont want it to stop and hopefully this becomes contagious for you as it did for me!

On my journey I wanted to learn  and assist others and to do this I chose to get out of my “box” and volunteer for different groups including Canteen, Cancer Council, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Make A Wish Australia and the Hutt Street Centre.

As I am going through this self-discovery process (which never ends) , I realised how much it has helped me so far, and so I then wanted to be able to give back by sharing this with others.  I strongly felt that if I can have the life I choose and be happy why shouldn’t others.  I found my passion and fulfillment!  Another Aha! moment.

My journey continues and I look forward to sharing it with you………..In a world where it is possible to be anything………..find out who YOU are and be yourself!


Certified Auset Temple Healer, Alchemist & Oracle of Auset Reader
Certified & Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Speciality in Holistic Hypnosis
Certifiicate in Best Practices of Dave Elman Hypnosis
Member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapists
Angel Miracles Psychic Medium
Reiki Practitioner/Teacher
Pellowah Practitioner & Teacher/trainer
Heal Your Life® Licenced & Certified Transformational Workshop Teacher
Published Author (The Empowerment Manual & Spiritual Leaders)
Member of the Institute of Complementary Therapists
Certificate in Inner Child Healing Studies
Certificate in Energetic Healing


I’m a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Dedicated to healing: Body, Mind, Spirit