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Empower Self


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Workshops are based on the work of Louise L.Hay, Shakti Gawain, Patricia J Crane and others.

A workshop can be tailored for your community group and can be provided in different formats of a 1 hour session through to a 10 week course.

In particular workshops can have a focus of:HYL

  • Health & Exercise
  • Loving the Self
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Abundance
  • Guilt
  • Forgiveness

All workshops are interactive and provide affirmations and tools for each attendee to continue their healing journey.

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“Barbara’s workshop on “Loving the Self” was absolutely beautiful.  I loved the meditation/visualisation and Barbara had the perfect voice to take us through.  Her beautiful calm clear energy made it feel safe to really let go and enjoy the experience.  Thank you, you have an amazing gift to share”.

Lana P

“Barbara has a talent for gently guiding us through visualisation exercises with amazing results.  She has a calm persona and was able to bring me at ease easily.  The inner child exercise allowed me to clearly see myself in a larger perspective.  Well done and thanks!”

Muru V

“Thank you Barbara for a nurturing, loving and supporting environment where I got to revisit my childhood years, sending love and strength to the little girl within.  You have a beautiful and gently energy that is an honour to share.  I truly connected with my inner vibration of self love.”

Tracey M

“Barbara’s workshop was filled with love and divine guidance.  Her ability to move me back to times long forgotten and rekindle my love of my inner child is a blessing.  I recommend everyone take a journey back in time to find that lost child within.  From the child in my heart – we thank you.”

Donna O