Home & Business Clearings

The environment (work/home) around us can make us sick. 

For example, when you bought your home, did the house feel good when you moved in? Have you or your animals been feeling unwell? Has there been a lot of arguments or upset? Everything retains energy around us and if the people who lived there before you were not happy, some of this energy remains and can then upset you or make you sick.  This energy needs to be cleared so that your energy can be free to fill the house with positivity and comfort.  This is also the case if you have other people’s furniture/items in your house, they contain their energy and if they are not positive people this energy will disrupt the energy in your home.

The consultations that I provide for this service will assess the environment, provide some solutions for change and then implement those changes.  For more information about this service please email me information about your environment, the location and issues you have been having and I will then provide a costing for you.

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