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For all details in relation to current workshops please click on the tab of interest above.

Workshops are based on the work of Louise L.Hay, Shakti Gawain, Patricia J Crane and others.

A workshop can be tailored for your community group and can be provided in different formats of a 1 hour session through to a 10 week course.

In particular workshops can have a focus of:

  • Health & Exercise
  • Loving the Self
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Abundance
  • Guilt
  • Forgiveness

All workshops are interactive and provide affirmations and tools for each attendee to continue their healing journey.

If you would like further information on workshops or have questions please click on enquire to email or call me.

I can’t thank you enough, I have noticed a huge difference in my belly and bowels movements after seeing you, Thanks very much, you are the best, God bless you! I’ve tried everything before, no matter how healthy, fibre, fruits & veggies I would have eaten and I was always in pain and with blood in every movement, for more than 2 years.


I have experienced two healings with Barbara to date, one in person and one by distance. From the outset, I knew I could trust Barbara completely to channel the energy that was right for me. It was easy to feel deeply relaxed and just allow the healing to unfold in the best way possible, in both situations. Afterwards I felt improvements unfolding and renewed energy, better sleep, and optimism, for which I was very grateful. Barbara was very thorough and provided additional advice from her Guides and feedback on the healings that I found helpful, and which have over time, proved most valuable. Barbara brings a gentle, conscientious, and highly competent dimension to spiritual energy healing, and I will certainly be seeking her gifts for future healings. She is a naturally talented healer with a mission to serve others, and I recommend her without reservation!


I have been battling an ongoing health issue in my life for several years. None of the many previous health professionals I had contacted were able to resolve my issue. I took a chance and followed my intuition and contacted Barbara. Not only was she able to help me resolve this issue completely, she did it with a compassionate heart and understanding, where others failed, she succeeded, and I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all her healing work. I can honestly say that working with Barbara has helped me change my life in all possible ways. I feel emotionally and spiritually more open to the world and more able to experience its beauty and joy. From the onset, I felt that she was ‘there’ for me and only me. She is a wonderful person with a wonderful gift and she does a GREAT job.


I have never experienced energy like that running through my body, I was buzzing for hours.


Wow, I didn’t realise my life would change so much by these sessions and the tools I now use on a daily basis. Thank you for your caring, gentle nature and for guiding me to make my life more enjoyable and healthy!


Barbara is a genuinely compassionate, gifted healer. From experiencing first hand what Barbara does, on her client’s behalf, I recommend her to those who are interested in pursuing ‘alternate’ methods to good health. And she’s fun, too! Rhea, BA (Hons), Grad. Dip. Ed., Grad. Dip.


I just wanted to thank you for helping me in the healing sessions, especially after the last one I noticed a few changes in how I look at things, I love working with you.

Wendy S.