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Pellowah Workshops

Most people who do the workshops do so for their own spiritual development.

Pellowah Healing Technique© is a modality channeled from divine source energy in July 2003 by Kachina Ma’an – psychic medium. Kachina was directed by spirit to channel Pellowah after a series of dreams and visions. Kachina has dedicated her life to the spiritual evolution of humankind. The original goal of Pellowah was predominantly for spiritual growth; raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness.

Level 1 – Practitioner Training: (1 day)

Pellowah Level 1 gives the attunements necessary to become a practitioner of this amazing form of healing. As a practitioner of Pellowah you are then able to give treatments to clients, friends and family as well as your animal friends.

Pellowah Level 1 – you will learn the following:
⦁ About the Founder
⦁ History of Pellowah
⦁ The Healing
⦁ Absent Healing
⦁ Group Healing
⦁ Healing the Earth

Pellowah activates you so you generate or create the light from within

⦁ Pellowah shifts your consciousness
⦁ It connects the 12 strands of DNA ready for activation
⦁ It unblocks and realigns all meridians
⦁ It gives the body a feeling of connection
⦁ This will result in a more expansive way of thinking and being

Level 2 – Expansion of Consciousness: (1 day)

Pellowah Level 2 is a spiritual workshop for your personal growth. You receive an attunement that enables you to connect with the higher part of you (higher self). With that connection you can then bring that higher energy into your everyday life.

Pellowah Level 2 – you will learn the following:
⦁ About Pellowah Level 2 attunement
⦁ Pellowah Symbols

Over the 2 days you will receive attunements, learn to give healings and you will receive healings, draw Pellowah symbols, be guided through meditation and be introduced to the Merkabah.

Level 1 and 2 are usually done as a complete unit, held over one weekend. If you are unable to commit to a full weekend please contact me to discuss other options. I am available to conduct workshops during the week as well as weekends.

On completion of Level 1 and Level 2 you will be registered as a Pellowah Practitioner with Kachina Ma’an (Founder).

Keep Expanding – Attunements:

Once you’ve completed Pellowah Level 1 and Level 2 you can continue to have Pellowah attunements. Attunements can be done for you to continue your own spiritual development.

When you receive an attunement, your consciousness lifts up to the next level. These can be done weekly, monthly or as required – whenever you feel you would like them. Regular attunements are a beneficial for your own spiritual growth to continue raising your consciousness to the next level.

Level 3 – Teacher Trainer Workshop (Only conducted by Kachina Ma’an)

The Teacher Trainer workshop will provide you with the attunements and information required to teach Pellowah Healing Technique Level 1 and Level 2.  The attunements received in Level 3 will accelerate your spiritual development.  Most people do this level for spiritual development, not to necessarily teach. Level 3 is only conducted by the founder of Pellowah, Kachina Ma’an and can be conducted in Adelaide upon request. (Price for this workshop is set by Kachina and advised when date and location is set for the workshop).

Pellowah Level 3 Shares – Please contact me if you would like to join.

Pellowah Healing Technique© is a recognised modality with IICT – a professional association for Therapists.